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Exploring the Variety of Gutters Offered by Alabama Gutter Company

Half Round Gutter Installer Birmingham Alabama

Different styles of gutters offer a variety of functionalities based on their design, size, and material. For instance, K-style gutters, may be the most common in our area. With their decorative crown molding appearance, they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have a large water capacity due to their flat bottoms and wide mouths. Many homes these days are upgrading from 4"-5" K-style to larger, more ideal, 6" gutters. This makes them ideal for areas with heavy rainfall.

Alabama Gutter Company also offers Half-Round Gutters, a beautiful choice, often seen on historic homes or newer homes desiring a certain aesthetic. Their semi-circular shape provides efficient water flow, reducing the likelihood of standing water and subsequent damage. However, they may not handle heavy rainfall as well as K-style gutters. Half Round are basin style, so imagine heavy fast rainfall sloshing from one end to the other of the bowl like sides when met with a great amount of water at once, rather than K-style which provide a more hearty catch because of their shape. 

Box gutters are built into the structure of the roof, providing a seamless look. Often found in commercial structures, they are typically larger and can handle a greater volume of water, but their integrated design can make repairs more complex and costly. Alabama Gutter Company is the chosen professional for residential and commercial gutters because we have the expertise to determine what each structure and roof line needs to be protected.

Fascia gutters, attached to a fascia board, are often used when the edge of a roof is not vertical. They hide the edge of the rafter tails from view and can handle a large volume of water, but their installation requires precision to ensure proper drainage. 

Finally, seamless gutters, while not a style per se, offer a unique functionality. Made from a single piece of metal, they reduce the risk of leaks, providing a long-lasting solution. Alabama Gutter Company offers all seamless gutter installation using specialized equipment that forms the gutters on site. 

In conclusion, the functionality of different gutter styles varies greatly, with each offering unique benefits and drawbacks. The choice of gutter style should be based on the specific needs and characteristics of the building, as well as the climate and rainfall patterns of the area. By choosing Alabama Gutter Company to install your gutters, we offer a detailed approach to estimating your project, taking all the guesswork and hypothetical results out of the equation. For Alabama's best gutter installer, with premium materials, best warranty and service, call on Alabama Gutter Company.  

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