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Leaf Blaster Pro is the ideal choice for areas plagued by pine needles, seasonal pests and leaves and debris from heavy rain. While there is no truth to "no maintenance" gutters, with the occasional and intentional brushing from the provided tool (when registered, this brush comes to you at no charge as added value), your gutters will stand the test of time. 


Superior Technology

Stainless Steel Mesh won’t warp or crack like plastic or uPVC. Raised Z-Bend lifts debris off the mesh so it can blow off naturally and improves water flow. Latest advancement in gutter guard technology. Provides maximum water filtration while vastly improving overall performance.


Incredibly Low Maintenance

We recommend brushing seasonally or after an extreme weather event. The bottom bristles easily sweep off leaves, pine needles and small debris. The top of the brush cleans off debris clinging to the underside of your gutter and front bristles clean off any debris that clings to the front of your gutter, exterior lights, or the soffit under the eaves. Bristles on the side can wipe off cobwebs, remove leaves and pine needles in reverse curve gutter guards or anything else in a small gap.

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Guaranteed & Protected

Gutterglove Inc. backs these guards with a 40 year manufacturer warranty. When registered you will receive the gutter guard brush as a tool for easy maintenance and virtually no cleaning. The brush attaches to most any extension pole. The goal of this guard, warranty and tool is to offer a lifetime of high performance for the lowest possible maintenance of your home's gutter system. Along with the thousands of satisfied customers, you too, can register it, and forget it. 

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