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Our Culture
Foy The Gutter Boy: A Company Culture Built on the Character of one Man 

Behind the Boy

Ben Watson's integrity roots run deep. As you can see from the four generations represented above, there's one that may stick out just a bit. Standing taller than eight feet, he's an unsung hero in Ben's life. Foy the Gutter Boy is more than a mascot. Ben's grandfather, "Papa" Foy Watson, father of Cliff Watson, Ben's dad, pictured here with Ben and Barrett, an upcoming partner of Alabama Gutter Company, will always be the patriarch of this family and the legacy that formed the Alabama Gutter Company culture. It was early on that Ben's grandfather Foy Watson taught him one of the many principles that stuck and continues to drive him day upon day, countless hour upon hour as he created, built and manages this company - "If you are going to do something, do it right". Of course, it's a simple few words, but it wasn't the words that taught the boy. It was the character he developed as he watched, grew and learned from his Papa Foy and father, Cliff. Taking care of others doesn't just happen in time of great need. It's treating them right start to finish. A customer once said, "Do you want to sell me gutters?" to which Ben replied "not if you don't need them". It's doing what's right all the time. Creating a mission to serve others, instead just of one's self. When Ben saw a lack of integrity in an industry he loved, he decided to create the type of company, he'd want to buy from and his Papa Foy could be proud of and hence, Alabama Gutter Company was born. We strive to abide by this culture in every aspect. Do it right, the first time. If by chance, you don't get it right, make it right. And by all means, treat the customers right. It's what we aim to do every single day. That's what Papa Foy, the Gutter Boy is to us. We hope he brightens your day, too.           

 - The Alabama Gutter Company Family 

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