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Alabama Gutter Company can prevent Gutter Leaks: The Indispensable Role of Drip Edge

Imagine sinking your hard-earned resources into building or updating your home, only to have it jeopardized by overlooked elements like a fully functional gutter system. This is where drip edge for gutters comes into play.  More than most gutter and roofing contractors will skimp or even skip on this vital unsung hero of your home's exterior.

Drip edge is an integral part of the roofing and gutter system (which also go hand in hand). 

So, what is a drip edge? 

A drip edge is a metal flashing that is installed at the edges of the roof to control the direction of dripping water, ensuring it moves away from the underlying structures of your house. It’s essentially the bodyguard for your home, expertly guiding water into the gutter, and directing it away from the fascia and foundation of your home.

This might sound quite simple, but believe it or not, a robust drip edge has important roles including: 

  • Guarding against water damage

  • Protecting the underlying roof deck

  • Preventing pests from entering your home

  • Saving you from expensive future repair costs

Here's a thought to ponder: In these cold temperatures recently, have you seen any ice hanging behind your gutters? If so, that picture is exposing a little known secret - there isn't correctly installed drip edge for your gutters. This leaves you unprotected and more times than not, the roof runoff isn't being directed into the gutters properly causing leaks and ultimately more costly damage to your exteriors, like rotting fascia, extra repair costs, and ugly water streaks on your home's exteriors. 

In conclusion, a drip edge is one of those "small things" that hold incredibly significant benefits.  It's practically an investment, working behind the scenes to save you many potential headaches in the home runs. Lucky for you, we are just the experts to access those pesky leaks and determine if drip edge is an easy fix for you. Call on us for free estimate to tune up those gutters and prevent further leaks.


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